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From our participation in the event Porte Aperte/Il Primo Maggio da Pieroni in Italy  9/5/2016
We would like to inform you of another one of our successful collaborations with the Italian company named Pieroni.   Our partners presented powerPELLET's products alongside their own products at the event Porte Aperte / Il Primo Maggio da Pieroni, which took place in northern Italy, the weekend...
From our participation in PROGETTO FUOCO in Italy  29/2/2016
powerPELLET’s products were presented in the exhibition Progetto Fuoco in Verona, Italy, from the 24th till the 28th of February 2016. The presentation and our participation had a great impact to the public in Italy and visitors from around the world.  The audience that attended Progetto Fuoco exhibition...
Participation in Infacoma / Energytech report  8/2/2016
Power Pellet participate in ENERGYTECH report Thessaloniki International Fair from 11-14 / 2/2016. We will present the company's products and the new large Powertank tank. You will find us in pavilion 13 stand 23 and 24.
Participation PROGETTO FUOCO report in Italy  26/1/2016
The products of power pellet will be presented at Progetto Fuoco fair in Verona, Italy Between 24 and 28 February 2016 in pavilion 11, stand B / 4a. The powerpellet represented in Italy by the company Pelletemilia Group Srl.
Delivery bulk pellets with tanker  15/1/2016
Another owner burner Pellet stopped struggling with the Carry bag and the daily loading of the burner using the storage and feed Powerpellet.
From our participation in ENERGYTECH Exhibition 2015  20/2/2015
Completed successfully energytech Exhibition 2015. The powerpellet presented the innovative distribution with tanks only offers in the Greek market.     According to manufacturers and dealers burners and stoves PELLET who visited the stand of powerpellet, this system will significantly help select tissompas...
Participation in EnergyTech Exhibition 2015  23/1/2015
From 12 to 15 February, participate in the exhibition energytech at Pavilion 9, Stand 2, in the area of Thessaloniki International Fair.     in our stand, we will present the pellet of powerPELLET and the innovative mode of transport and storage.
The presentation of powerPELLET at the Thessaloniki International Fair  30/9/2014
powerPELLET powered by interSCALA successfully completed his presentation in the Thessaloniki International Fair.    Crowds of people and professionals were informed for the first time in Greece for the new way of storing and dispensing pellet. A new era begins for the pellet in Greece and powerPELLET...
Participation in ΔΕΘ  5/9/2014
Αγαπητοί φίλοι,  εδώ και μια πενταετία , η interSCALA μπήκε με επιτυχία στον τομέα των ανανεώσιμων πηγών ενέργειας , με το νέο της προϊόν το powerPELLET. Φέτος , προχωρώντας ένα βήμα μπροστά από την υπόλοιπη αγορά μελέτησε, κατασκεύασε και παρουσιάζει για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα έναν πρωτοποριακό τρόπο μεταφοράς...
Small-scale CHP Factsheet GREECE  4/9/2014
The number of small scale CHP units is very small (5 units in 2002). Some new units, mostly in hospitals and clinics, either in the procurement or construction phase, will be ready in the near future. There are a few trigeneration units in the tertiary sector, a few sewage and landfill gas installations and some industrial...
Greek Lignite / Cardoon co-firing at PPC Kardia PP  2/9/2014
Support mechanisms for co-firing biomass  •Green Certificates or feed-in tariff systems for bioenergy;  •Financially supported by many EU countries (e.g. NL, UK, DK), limited or no support in others (e.g. BE, FR, DE); Biomass availability and market  •Imported biomass for electricity and heating sector...
Western Macedonia Lignite Centre  1/9/2014
Lignite production in Greece  • Public Power Corporation of Greece SA (PPC) is the main lignite producer in Greece (97.3% in 2006). PPC is by far the biggest mining company.  • PPC owns and operates 2 major surface mine complexes: WesternMacedonia Lignite Centre MegalopolisLignite Centre
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