Greek Lignite / Cardoon co-firing at PPC Kardia PP

Support mechanisms for co-firing biomass •Green Certificates or feed-in tariff systems for bioenergy; •Financially supported by many EU countries (e.g. NL, UK, DK), limited or no support in others (e.g. BE, FR, DE); Biomass availability and market •Imported biomass for electricity and heating sector important for meeting targets in some countries (e.g. NL, UK), while others rely on domestic biomass sources; •Growing EU and international wood pellet trade; •Competition with traditional end-user of wood (paper & pulp industry, etc) and domestic heating sector  Growing interest for agricultural biomass; however, limited market and supply chain development Technical issues •Substitution of coal with biomass up to 10-20% on energy basis typically considered easy to implement, at least for woody biomass; •Growing trend to increase co-firing percentage above the typical limit or repower to 100% biomass combustion due to structure of support mechanisms; •Issues related to slagging / fouling and corrosion, especially for herbaceous biomass; Read the entire article here