Small-scale CHP Factsheet GREECE

The number of small scale CHP units is very small (5 units in 2002). Some new units, mostly in hospitals and clinics, either in the procurement or construction phase, will be ready in the near future. There are a few trigeneration units in the tertiary sector, a few sewage and landfill gas installations and some industrial and district heating biomass applications. Due to short winters, CHP is not economically feasible for space heating: trigeneration is necessary for an economic operation. Governmental estimates for CHP potentials in the services sector vary between 100 and 300 MWe under current support policies for CHP. With the expansion of the natural gas network, SMEs both in industry and services (hotels, hospitals and large office buildings) represent the most promising potential for small scale CHP penetration in Greece. Unfortunately, due to the high price of gas, some units are now at a stand. Promotion of CHP technology in the industrial and tertiary sector is also one of the key measures in the Second Greek national Climate Change Programme. Read the entire article here