TRANSPORT FOR PNEUMATIC SYSTEM Designed specifically for the transport of pellet with a very powerful suction system. Maximum distance of suction: 20 meters. The maximum distance depends on the routing of the pipe. Possible curves and changes of the direction of the hose will affect the maximum pellet transport distance. Totally automatic system that incorporates a level sensor to detect when it is necessary to bring more pellet to the hopper. With this system you will be able to benefit from the automatic filling supply of your boiler and consequently, put an end to all the carrying of heavy pellet bags. Πλήρως αυτόματο σύστημα με αισθητήρα στάθμης ο οποίος εντοπίζει πότε υπάρχει ανάγκη ανατροφοδότησης της δεξαμενής του καυστήρα σας με πέλλετ. Με αυτό το σύστημα μπορείτε να επωφεληθείτε από την αυτοματοποίηση της τροφοδοσίας του λέβητά σας και να βάλετε τέλος στο κουβάλημα βαριών σάκων με πέλλετ.
PNEUMATIC SYSTEM ITS ADVANTAGE: THE COMFORT 1. Aspiration hose diameter 50mm. Two hoses needed. 2. Pneumatic system for pellet boilers (product: powerVACUUM). 3. Biomass boiler hopper. For its installation it is necessary to make a hole in the boiler hopper cover and to secure the powerVACUUM on top of the boiler, as the instructions of assembly indicate. Forthwith, you should install the hoses for air supply and forthe return of the materialand finally connect them to the extraction system of the silo. The powerVACUUM always works with two hoses.By this simple installation of the pneumatic system connected to the extraction unit of the silo, you will liberate yourself of the arduous task from loading manually the boiler s hopper with pellet bags. The powerVACUUM will transport the material automatically from the silo to the boiler.